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Tantrums and Your Child

How to Benefit From Your Child’s Tantrums

Dr. Dan Siegel and blah blah blah have now provided us with the solution to helping your child develop and healthy, calm brain. Connecting with your child in a specific way during tantrums can make all the difference between raining a fearful child and a happy, secure child.

I recommend you read the entire book, which is not actually very long. But first here is a summary of what you will find in the book.

A Summary of the Whole-Brain Strategies from The Whole Brain Child, by Dr. Daniel Siegel

1) Integrating the left and right brain – Connect and redirect: right brain to right brain, then bring in the left bring discipline

2) Name it to tame it. Help them tell the story.

3) Integrating the upstairs with downstairs – Engage, don’t enrage. Engage the up-stair brain by asking her to consider a plan and choose, instead of triggering his downstairs brain which is less about thinking and more about reacting. “What’s another way to handle that?” “Can you think another way?” “Can you come up with an idea that both of us will get what we want?”

4) Use it or lose it. Give him a lot of decisions to make. “What would you do?”

5) Move it or lose it. To gain upstairs and downstairs balance.

Read the rest credit: Alice Guo, Impact Speaking Academy

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