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Top 10 Reasons For Seeking Therapy

Anxiety, Depression and Stress, Oh My

From the stress of major life events, serious health issues to dealing with the relationship dynamics of step families, more and more we are seeking professional help to manage symptoms and find new solutions to what life inevitably brings.  But what brings other people to therapy. Here is what you may find interesting and enlightening to know.

Here are the top 10 reasons people seek therapy:

Contrary to the myth that only “crazy people” seek help from a therapist, many individuals and families have discovered the value of working with a mental health professional for various personal and social issues that are causing them severe distress. The stigma that was formerly associated with seeking help for these concerns is quickly dissipating as many are discovering the merits of finding a skilled, compassionate professional to help them through the storms of life.

The following is a list of some of the most common reasons individuals seek help from a therapist or Counselor:

1. Major life events such as an impending divorce or break-up, a financial crisis, serious health issues or accident, dealing with mid-life crisis, or aging concerns. Utilizing the services of a skilled impartial and non judgmental professional can sometimes help individuals or couples find new ways of communicating and resolving their difficulties that they had not previously considered. Understanding that as we get older, it is important to find new ways to find meaning in our lives, whether that means reinventing ourselves with a new career, volunteering, developing new interest, and meeting new people that are positive and nurturing.

2. Depression: If you find yourself struggling to get out of bed and feel that your life has no meaning, or that the things that used to bring you joy now seem insignificant, it may be time to seek help. Although medications are commonly prescribed for Depression, milder forms may respond to more natural forms of treatment such as increased socialization, vitamin D, increased exercise and other suggestions your therapist may recommend.

3. Anxiety related disorders: Feeling nervous or panicky in social situations such as public speaking, fears or phobias such as fear of flying, PTSD from traumatic experiences, and numerous other activities that create extreme stress often improve when an individual receives treatment from a qualified professional.

Read the rest, credit: Lynne Weilert, MSW, LMSW – Health and Wellness Magazine.

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